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Share the Workload with SortMyBooks

While you want to be in control of your business, I’m betting you did not dream of long nights inputting purchase invoices for VAT or doing bank reconciliations. (even though the banks recs in SortMyBooks Online are kind of fun to do 🙂 )

For some people, In the past, sharing your accounts may have meant losing control of the process and more importantly, the information. For example, you may have been doign invoicing yourself, and having Vat done on a different system by your accountant or bookkeeper.

You might have ended up thinking the only alternative was to do it all yourself, and this can be quite challenging for a busy entrepreneur. But there is a happy medium!

You can grant as little or as much access as you like, and remove it equally quickly. But the best of all is the complete transparency you maintain at all times. As your Vat purchases are entered from anywhere in the country, you are seeing the information you really want on in the form of an at-a-glance dashboard as you log in from anywhere. If something doesnt look right to you, you can drill down and see exactly what has been input. See? total control is still yours, without the pain of data entry.

“I belive the online bookeeping system raises the level of the business owners’ ability to look into their future by understanding their present financial situation. That’s a tall task, one which SortMyBooks Online is well able to meet”. Sandra Hunter Ferris, Balanced Bookeeping

So breathe easy, let go and prosper!